About Jina’s

Jina’s World of Fresh Produce is a NZ owned and operated family business, based in the Wellington region. We have supplied fresh fruit and vegetables to quality focused customers for generations. Specialising in wholesale distribution around New Zealand, we have a great spirited team of more than 30 diligent people and pride ourselves on our high standard of produce quality, customer service, and expertise.

We select our produce for its quality, with freshness being paramount. We also provide prepared (peeled or precut) produce, farm-direct fresh eggs, fresh herbs, and many special gourmet items. With our massive buying power, we are able to provide you with this fresh quality at competitive prices. That’s what we call great value!

For variety and consistency of supply, we bring you produce from national and international sources. Through our network of growers and suppliers we source a wide range of produce on an almost continuous basis regardless of season. A seamless supply is particularly important for our customers who have established menus to consider. We are also happy to recommend the freshest seasonal local produce. With our many customers including cafés, restaurants, childcare centres, rest homes, hospitals, offices, caterers, government, and local and international hotels and ships, we have a consistently high turnover. This means Jina’s produce is always the freshest.

For the highest levels of quality assurance, over and above the standard health regulations, we are an NZ GAP approved supplier. We voluntarily attain this accreditation to ensure our systems and processes are maintained.

Jina’s History

Jina’s have been in business since 1930 as a premium independent fresh fruit and vegetable supplier for the Wellington region. Delivery is part of our history at Jina'sJina’s began in the days of the classic greengrocers. It was during this time that Bhagwan Jina opened his greengrocers’ business in downtown Wellington, on Taranaki Street. His family had arrived from the Gujarat state of India in the early 1900s.

In the days when most Wellingtonians didn’t own a car, Bhagwan Jina reached his customers via a “Fruit Round”, driving his truck from door to door in Wellington’s suburbs. This was a common sight in those early days of Wellington, especially among the Indian and Chinese communities. After more than 30 years of success, the Jina family moved to Upper Hutt in 1960 to open our first retail store, Florida Fruit Supply. Bhagwan’s son Andy, an ambitious youngster, then became increasingly involved in the business.

Andy particularly enjoyed the interaction with customers and the “hands-on” approach. In 1976, Andy relocated the store to a larger site in Geange Street and renamed the business “Jina’s Fruit Mart”. In this store we were the first in New Zealand to install refrigerated shelves for produce display. This was well received by our customers, especially because it gave our premium produce optimal taste and life span. Not deterred by the 4am starts, the family’s vigour and passion continued with Sonny, Andy’s younger brother, and later Andy’s son Ajay joining the family business. In 1991, and still growing, our Upper Hutt location was expanded and renamed to “Jina’s World of Fresh Produce”.

The Jinas team - Sonny, Ajay, and AndyBy now the “Jina” name had become synonymous with “the best fruit and vegetables.” Jina’s was at the forefront of bringing our customers exciting new fruits and vegetables, such as Kiwi berries, Asian greens, and exotic chili peppers. Meanwhile, the Jina’s team were also supplying many satisfied wholesale customers in the Hutt Valley, and the greater Wellington region. In 2004 Jina’s World of Fresh Produce expanded with our store in High Street, Lower Hutt. Then in 2012, Jina’s established its specialised Distribution Centre. From then the focus and growth of the company changed to solely wholesale distribution.

Even with our expansion into Wholesale Distribution, two things remain the same – the Jina’s team still personally select the best produce for you and the team is as helpful today as they have been for generations. As New Zealand changes, the Jina’s tradition continues to still be Fresh Ahead of the Rest”!