Fresh fruit conveniently delivered direct to your office or workplace

Jina’s can deliver fresh fruit to your workplace. Our office fruit boxes are increasingly popular. Set up a regular office fruit delivery with Jina’s and we can:

  • Suggest types of seasonal fruit, including variations on your favourites
  • Advise how much fruit you need for your organisation and your budget
  • Deliver fruit on the days you need it.

With our expertise and export-quality selection, you can be confident in your choices.

We’re proud of our satisfied corporate fruit customers. Our fruit supply clients include banks, major telcos, manufacturers, law and accounting firms, schools, and software developers. All are receiving the benefits of our supply arrangements. Your office or workplace delivery is free with a minimum fruit purchase of $50.00.

Fruit boxes delivered to your work place and office

Proven health benefits of fruit at work

logoFrom the 5+ a Day fresh produce campaign, evidence shows the merits of eating fresh fruit every day. And fruit at the office is a great way to make this happen. People have more energy, improved productivity, and greater attention spans. Jina’s supply many organisations and the reports are overwhelmingly positive – fresh fruit at work is enjoyed and asked for again.

And compared to gluten or dairy allergies, fruit allergies are so unusual that most people can enjoy fruit together. In fact, some companies have offset their tea, coffee, and ‘sweets’ expenditures to spend the money on fresh fruit instead. Join the 5+ a day team and see the benefits right away!